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Non-Executive Director

On the board

Strategic Input with a Unique Perspective

Being on the autistic spectrum Richard is able to look at things in a way the neurotypical person cannot. He has a fanatic attention to detail, and will challenge the executive board in ways others may not. Richard can bring a unique perspective to the board of directors.

Should Richard join a board you can be assured he will embrace that responsibility in a dedicated way that is consistent with the persistence and attention someone on the autistic spectrum does.

Corporate Governance
Strategic Planning
Problem Solving
Financial Management

Richard has experience in starting a small business and growing it to exit, which includes businesses in the technology and service sectors. He has chaired the regional board for a national charity, held the post of VC for a school governing body, and currently sits on the board for the local Chamber of Commerce and a multi-million pound certification and public funds delivery company.

He will not agree to join the board of an organisation unless he truly feels he can add value and can contribute to its success.

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