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For a few years now I have worked with schools and Universities in a number of ways, from delivering Young Enterprise programs, sitting on or chairing focus groups and boards, through to mentoring students on various initiatives or support groups. All these have been based around engaging the students in Enterprise.

It can sometimes be overlooked how valuable using Enterprise as a motivator to inspire and engage students in their learning, to help them appreciate the importance of what they are studying and what effect that can have on their future. For some students it can give them purpose to what they are doing.

I lost my own way through the educations system in the last few years of school, and then through self study had to make up for lost time. So I never fail to find myself inspired and motivated by working with young people and helping to delivery projects and programs for Schools and Universities, as people with so much energy and unhindered inspiration are a pleasure to work with.

If you would like me to be involved in your own Enterprise in Education event then please enquire through School Speakers for more information.