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Disengaged Youth

Provide The Right Education

Tell someone enough times they're a failure and they will always believe they're a failure.

It's a common occurrence in our society that young people with behavioural difficulties will get excluded from education, yet it is all too often overlooked that these individuals may be the brightest ones in the room.

Businesses are encouraged to treat people as individuals, whole industries have evolved around learning your colleagues Psychometric Profile so you can work with them differently, train them differently. Yet still in education we expect everyone to learn the same way.

Richard is an advocate for working with the individual in a way that works for them, and does not dislike schools. He promotes the importance of school and encourages all young people to value their education, but appreciates that some young people simply cannot learn through traditional methods. What works for one does not work for all. His daughter is home schooled whilst his son is part-time educated in a SEND school and home educated the remainder of the time.

Having spent a number of years working on a voluntary basis with Young Enterprise, Connexions and the local authority, Richard has found his calling supporting the charity Grit and supports their projects working with disengaged youth who are at risk of falling out of the educations system, their families and society.

For a number of years Richard was a disengaged youth and as is commonly the case, fell in with the wrong crowds. He can understand some of the challenges facing these individuals, and coaches at a level that is right for them. Richard is a trained and experienced Life Coach for young people, Enhanced DBS cleared, and passionate in helping young people achieve their best. He would love to hear from anyone working with young people on similar projects who feel he can add value, or are running events to raise awareness on this topic.

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