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Meet Richard Osborne

Who Is Richard Osborne?

Entrepreneur and Ambassador for Disengaged Youth and Special Educational Needs

Richard is a successful Entrepreneur with a track history of business growth and employee engagement.
He has Aspergers, is a father of a child with High Functioning Autism, and who himself was a Disengaged Youth that was led to the path of business.


Meet Richard...
Richard Osborne

Richard is an enthusiastic “Entrepreneur” although he does not like to use that term himself, feeling it has become overused and misplaced, but to some he is the epitome of an Entrepreneur. He is not driven by money or materialistic things, but the ability to create something greater than himself that gives purpose, security and stability to others.

He grew up with a rocky start in life experiencing in debt, eviction, two broken homes, violence, alcohol and some shady experiences through his teenage years. He has Aspergers Syndrome identified through tests done during the diagnosis of his son. Richard would describe this as a powerful tool within business which he has learnt to harness.

Not every venture Richard has undertaken has been a resounding success and would openly acknowledge he’s made a few mistakes, but again like most Entrepreneurs he has learnt from them. He will often quote that he doesn’t know everything will engage openly with those around him, looking to motivate those around him to be the best that they can be.

His more public business successes are Quick Formations and UK Business Forums. Quick Formations was formed in 2002 and subsequently sold it in 2013. It won several business awards, revolutionised the industry in which it operates and was a great success story for him, despite learning hard lessons during the 2007 recession.

UK Business Forums (UKBF) is another success story after playing a key role in their foundation in February 2003, he eventually took them over in 2004 where he spent 3 years promoting and growing them to be the largest and most active online business discussion forums in the UK. He sold them to a media company in 2007 for a deal valued at £250,000.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021 an opportunity arose that enabled Richard to re-acquire UKBF back from the media company, and in March 2021 Richard again sits at the helm of the UK’s largest and most well established small business community sites.

In 2013 he brought in some external investors into his software business eFiling which provides cloud based software to the company formation industry, and this company has grown significantly in that time and in 2017 was rebranded to Business Data Group (BDG). It was this experience of having a board of directors that opened Richard’s eyes to the value a NED (Non-Exec Director) can bring to a business, value that inspired Richard to want to bring the same support to others that the NED’s brought to him. Richard now sits on a small number of boards supporting voluntary organisations and technology businesses.

Richard is an advocate for Special Educational Needs and Disengaged Youth and dedicated his spare time to supporting these causes. He was one of the founding team for the Government pilot of the Enterprise Advisor network which was launched in Northamptonshire before the Government took the initiative and rolled it out nationwide, connecting business leaders to schools with the objective of reducing the “skills gap” and improving young peoples employability. He still to this day works with the special needs school he connected with during the pilot. Alongside this work he also champions raising aspirations in SEND children, and promoting to businesses the value of engaging with SEND children for work experience and employment.

The other cause close to his heart is supporting the young people many may cross the road to avoid, the disengaged youth in society. The ones who may not have had the upbringing or support in their lives to set them on the right path. For many of these academic education may not work for them either. This is where he is an advocate for the charity GRIT where he trained as one of their coaches, as well as currently sitting on the regional, unofficial, “board” supporting the launch of projects in and around Northamptonshire.

Richard has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart and best friend from school for more than 20 years and together they have a son and a daughter. They enjoy skiing, equestrian activities, and movies.

Need a great Non-Exec Director or a speaker for an event, is Richard the one?

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