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Share your business knowledge and experiences

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Share your business knowledge and experiences

As some may know, I chair the Area Board for Young Enterprise covering the Northampton and Daventry area. One thing never ceases to amaze me is the shortage of people willing to volunteer their time to share their knowledge and expertise with the Entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

So why should anyone in business work with Young Enterprise? It doesn’t matter whether you are self employed, the manager of a large corporate business, or employed. It only matters that you have some experience of working in business, and are willing to share that knowledge. The students who take part in Young Enterprise are willing to learn from this experience, and the energy the volunteer picks up from these students is difficult to put into words. Quite obviously I recommend everyone gives it a try.

There are both Primary and Secondary School programs available, so for those who are only able to spare a few days here and there then look at the Primary Programs. Working with children in a primary school for a day or two is a true eye opener, especially as you start to see them “get it” as you deliver the educational program. At the Secondary School level the programs such as the Company Program generally run for a few months, but you and the students learn so much more. The students run a real company for around 6 months, deal with real money, and have the chance to go onto European Awards. The satisfaction a volunteer can get from seeing the students they work with go on to earn real money, overcome real challenges, and win awards is fantastic.

If you are based around Northampton or Daventry and would like to know more about volunteering for Young Enterprise please ask me for more information. Once you’ve experienced volunteering for Young Enterprise you’ll want to do it again, inspiring young entrepreneurs is very rewarding.

A date for your diary! – Sunday 6th December, come to the Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Northampton and visit the Young Enterprise trade fair on the first floor. You’ll see for yourself what the Young Enterprise Company Program is all about.