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Business in China

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Business in China

Those of you who know me will be aware that I have recently come back from my first ever trip to the Far East, having flown into Hong Kong for a few days and then travelling into China to meet with a long term client of mine.

On a personal note his was the longest I had ever been away from my children, and I missed them dearly. I have no idea how so many people can work away from their children for days and weeks freqently, it was bad enough for me just being a week away.

Anyway, onto business. For me the trip was extremely enlightening, for so many reasons. Not only did I become aware first hand that there are actually so many opportunities for so many businesses to expand their operations over into places such as China, but I also learnt how important it is to respect and embrace the culture of the country you are going into. That is the same very reason why my contact in China explained that so many foreign businesses who come into China fail, they simply forget the most important thing of all РChina is not the UK, it is a completely difefernt country and you need to understand how people there think, trade and operate very differently. If you can understand that, then you are onto a good start, because people in China love to deal with businesses from the UK.

It was quite concerning that m client, and friend, felt that people in the UK may thnk badly of China purely because it is a communist country. Yes Communisim may have its downfalls, but as far as I am concerned so does democracy and the policitic farce that we have in the UK. Neither is perfect, and if any wants my opinion if we could find a good mutualground between the two then we might have the perfect policitical leadership style between the two. China currently has a very astute leader who’s strategy of building up the China economy and business sector appears to working a lot better than what our western leaders seem to be try, and from his perspective why should he use the funds he has carefully built up to bail out the lash up that hs been caused by the reckless western banks.

That said, back on topic, I attended a very informative seminar on the BRIC economies this week. The subject matter was on the emerging and growing economies in Brazil, Russia, India and China .. and identifying the many commercial opportunities available to the forward thinking businesses of the west. What I learnt was exactly how much cash reserves these countries have over the debt of the apparently deeloped economies, and how much investment their governments are putting into building their infrastructures and building their middle class wealth. This investments means that those who can help with rail infrastructure, and hospital and medicine may want to look into Russia for example. High performance engineering and motorsport businesses may want to look at Brazil, and so much more.

It would also be prudent for me to mention, my particular interest is in China and if any business owners would like to know more about expanding their business and see the opportunities in China do get in touch. My business will help you understand the cultures, different ways of trading, and give you a much  beter chance of success than if you went it alone.