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Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Those who know me personally, or have read this blog for a while, will know that I firmly believe that our economy is a small business economy and to keep our economy afloat we should all be encouraging the next generation of Entrepreneurs from a young age.

So imagine my surprise after a young lad, Ben, interviewed me on Thursday as part of his dissertation to be told that out of a list of Entrepreneurs he’d already interviewed at 40 minutes my interview lasted the longest. I’d shared with him more insight, stories and information than anyone else, and he even commented that one interview lasted 10 minutes with the “Entrepreneur” answering most questions with “I dunno”! How on earth is that person still in business?

Ben asked me whether I felt that Entrepreneurialsim can be taught, and hoping I didn’t knock the University course he is doing, but I said no I don’t believe it can. I believe Entrepreneurialism is born out of an event that triggers the person to make a decision for themself and make a future for themself. I do, however, strongly believe it can encouraged. To inpire young people of the challenges, the highs, the lows and wonders of running your own business and being in charge of your own destiny.

He also asked me whether I was taught the skills to be an Entrepreneur at school. To be honest I do not believe so. I don’t believe I became a true Entrepreneur until my daughter was born and my first business started to go horribly pear shaped. It was the need to secure a future for my child that drove me to become an Entrepreneur, where failure was not an option. That was my event, my trigger, and if you look through the past of any Entrepreneur and read any autobiography you’ll find similar triggers.

I’m not saying I wasn’t hungry for success before then, because I was. In my working career and childhood I’ve always been competitive and determined to succeed, but it was that one trigger that flicked a switch inside of me and gave me that extra push to take things more seriously. I had a dependant, and her future relied on me.

It is these stories that Ben wanted to know, not big trade secrets to rip you off. So if you are an Entrepreneur don’t treat it like some big secret, don’t be afraid to share your experiences with the next generation of Entrepreneurs. They are our future, the future of our economy, and it is extremely rewarding to feel their enthusiasm as they talk with you about your experiences. Further more, you can also learn a lot from them too.

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