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Get off your backside, be a Do’er.

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Get off your backside, be a Do’er.

A good friend of mine is always coming up with ideas for businesses he wants to start, and several times has asked me to get involved either on an advisory role or as one of those frequently mentioned “investment opportunities” :).  Unfortunately for him, some of his ideas sound quite promising, and could perhaps grow to be very successful. So why is that unfortunate?

It is unfortunate because he does absolutely bugger all with his ideas. He mentiones them, bounces off all the walls with excitement, but does nothing until a few weeks later all is forgotten.

Originally I got quite involved with some of his ideas and was considering investing in one, but as I got to know how he  procrastinates and never actually does anything I too lost interest and started to see him as a very high risk investment. My money would end up doing nothing more than paying his wages to do nothing, until the pot ran dry and we would eventually fall out.

The world is full of people who talk a good game, but very few actually make things happen and try their ideas. I almost lost my home a couple of times because I took the risk on my business ideas, my friend will never take that risk. He will forever more be what some call a “wage slave”, despite running his own business he always takes the safe long term contracts with the guaranteed income. There is nothing wrong with this though, an old boss once said to me the world needs worker bee’s just as much as it needs leaders.  What kind of person are you, if you are an Entrepreneur then you are a Do’er, and you will make your business ideas happen at any cost.