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Don’t be a leach, be an Entrepreneur!

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Don’t be a leach, be an Entrepreneur!

It never ceases to amazing me how many “business opportunities” find their way to you when you come in to a bit of money. All sorts of people come out of the woodwork with the next Facebook, MySpace or even UK Business Forums! Only this week I was contacted by someone looking to setup another forum with the plans to sell it for hundreds of thousands, and wanted me to give them all the information they needed to achieve that.

Now I don’t mind helping people, and I will help whenever I can, but what I do not like are people who are looking to make a fast buck by leaching onto someone elses success. Those who know me will know that I devote a lot of time to sharing any knowledge with people who I can clearly see putting in the extra effort themselves, burning the midnight oil, trying their best but simply lack a little experience or expertise in a particular area. I do not like leaches or clinger ons. People who hunt out someone who has something they want, take what they want and dump them.

If you want to make a success of yourself then do it yourself. Seek legitimate help from friends and colleagues, but don’t leach off other peoples success. They will spot you a mile off and you could lose potential mentors or supporters. Also, just because it worked for one person it doesn’t mean it will work for others, how many successful eBay clones do you know of?