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Taking it up the backside for England

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Taking it up the backside for England

I’m very “British”. I know I am and sometimes it’s a serious failing of mine. I’m too polite to complain when the food in the restaurant is not up to scratch, and when our government screws us business owners I bend over and take it right up the backside like thousands of others in the UK.

I’m already annoyed that being a VAT registered business I act as a free debt recovery agent for the HM Revenue & Customs. I collect the VAT duty from my customers on behalf of the government, and then dutifully each quarter I make a nice generous BACS payment to help cover the costs of shipping the publics bank details out to Bin Laden. Then pay tax for the benefit of employing staff, and then my staff pay tax again on their wages, and then I pay corporation tax for making a profit, and then I pay tax on my own earnings, and then I pay tax on my own purchases, and then I pay council tax followed by tax on my car and then tax on my TV, followed by tax on my death and my family will pay tax on any inheritance they get from me. I’m sure I have forgotten about some taxes I pay as an honest citizen, whilst the filthy rich put all their money offshore in hidden bank accounts. The government decides they are far to difficult to chase, so we middle earners take one for England.

Today I wrote a cheque to our lovely HM Revenue & Customs for £245 for the priviledge of being “Supervised” under the up and coming Anti Money Laundering Regulations 2007. You have to love the stupidity of our Government, do they really think that by screwing the good honest business owners in the UK they are going to catch a bunch of terrorists?

So let us get this right, good honest Joe (me) pays more of my hard earned money to robbing bar steward (HMRC) for them to monitor and analyse my business activities just in case Bin Laden decides to use my business to set up a Limited company.  Then just in case he does, and this is where is gets really funny, I have to be skilled enough to identify whether he has managed to defraud the passport office or DVLA to obtain a drivers licence to passport.

That is right campers, we the honest business owners are being penalised and tasked with the duty to compensating for the inadeqacies of our government departments.  Are they going to pay us for this additional workload though, are they hell. Nope instead we have to pay them for the priviledge and cover the additional staffing costs of doing this ourselves, for the good of our country.

Of course, if all us small to medium sized business owners got together to make a stand. Perhaps a small levy on the VAT returns to cover the costs we incure in recovering the VAT payments, what are they going to do? After all, we account for 98.5% of businesses in the UK!

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  1. Dec 10, 2007

    Shocking isn’t it. Did you notice in the BBC post you mention that the Government says the banks should bare the cost of any fraud resulting from the lost disks – a bit rich that!

    You’ve missed of the fact that HMRC do not have a duty of care and have put several businesses under by mis handling their investigations.

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