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Volunteer for Young Enterprise!

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Volunteer for Young Enterprise!

There is a wise old saying that states that helping others is good for the soul. Others know that doing something from the good of your heart gives a warm satisfaction and feeling of well being. This is exactly how I feel after volunteering for Young Enterprise last week, when I spent an entire day teaching 10 year old Year 6 pupils at Kislingbury CEVC Primary School about Import and Exporting, and why all teh countries of the world rely on each other for the trade economy.

The project was called Our World, and it starts by demonstrating where the clothes theĀ  children are wearing have travelled, such as from China and India. Then it moved onto a make believe meal, and the children calculate how far the meal has travelled in total to reach their plates. This part is fascinating to see the amazement on the childrens faces as they begin to realise that a basic Chinese takeaway meal could have travelled some 50,000km before it reaches their door!

The 3rd session is great fun, and is aimed at teaching the children how different countries can work together to produce combined profit, and boost the ecomony of both countries. The room is split into 6x Countries (groups) starting with USA with loads of money and resources but few people through to Bangladesh with little money and resources but lots of people. The children need to identify that if these two countries worked together they can make more produce then work independantly – it almost worked despite myself dropping more hints than I was actually supposed to! Some of the groups did work together and the children all thoroughly enjoyed this part of the day.

After lunch we learnt about the 4P’s of marketing and the children had to design a new product to export to a newly discovered country. They then had to abide by the laws of that country, learn the culture and economy, and design an advertising campaign to suit. The day finished off with each group presenting their new product to the rest of the class.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I’m glad to say the children did too. OK you don’t get paid for it, its volunterry, but who cares. I’ve worked with Young Enterprise before with older children aged 15-16 which is just as important, but this was a whole new experience for me. They were older than my children and younger than the age group I have been used to working with so I wasn’t sure how to handle them or what their knowledge level would be. I must admit I was nervous, but didn’t need to be. The children were great, they listened and were keen to learn. The teacher was very supportive, and all in all I recommend every business owner should spend some time on projects like this.

If nothing else, you learn how to teach and that is an important skill to have in life.