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Why get involved in a forum?

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Why get involved in a forum?

I’ve been given the opportunity to get involved in another forum with a business owner who I help mentor occasionally. The guy is John Whitehead and he is a club fitter who runs a company called Strike Right Golf.

It came about during a typical coaching sessions (he was giving me some golf tips and I was giving him some business tips), and was mentioned that he gets a reasonable amount of technical queries from his website but not a lot of business. The conversation moved towards building a community about his website, to get people discussing golf and referring to his website on a daily basis. The end result would be people would be looking at Strike Right Golf to discuss anything golf related.

This then created another problem, would people refer to a club makers website to get independant advice relating to golf? So I took a look at Callaway’s forum and it would appear not. They have a forum and it see’s no more action than .. well something that doesn’t see much action :-). The same goes for so many other business websites who try to set up communities around their core product, it just doesn’t work.

We’ve decided that the best approach is to use a lesson I learnt from UK Business Forums, and set a brand up in it’s own right and promote it in it’s own right. His business will then benefit from being associated with it, be that by sponsoring or just being on hand to give professional advice. I know on UKBF I became known as the only choice for company formation and John will become known as the only choice for golf club fitting on these soon to be announced golf forums.

One Comment

  1. Oct 29, 2007

    Sounds like the perfect combination Rich. I would not like to be competing in the same arena when you get the forum established… 😉