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Strikes spark end of the Royal Mail.

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Strikes spark end of the Royal Mail.

So here we go again, workers for the Royal Mail are sealing their own fate, their own redundancy, and pushing Royal Mail out of business by going on yet another strike.

News on the radio says that many small businesses are at risk of going out of business due to lost trade brought about by the strikes, and the Royal Mail have put measures in place to ensure they cannot be held liable for consequencial losses brought about by the strike.

The whole situation is stupid and the half whitted union pushing for these strikes really need their head looking at. Do they not realise that business owners such as myself and many others are finding alternative mail delivery services? We already use The DX, but not surprisingly The DX are really jumping with joy and courting disgruntled Royal Mail customers and winning.

All this union are going to achieve lost revenue for Royal Mail who are then going to have no choice but to make a load of redundancies. So a large number of these workers going on strike today will be out of the job soon, and it will be their own fault. It is not as if they are underpaid for working half a day!

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  1. Oct 9, 2007

    Absolutely – theres also a good bit of talk on small business forums about the savings some businesses are making by moving more of the communications online – The Royal Mail will never get that business back.