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Simple ideas are the best

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Simple ideas are the best

I moved house last week, and anyone who has gone through this painful process will know just how painful it actually is. Maybe not for your first move, but when your family is a bit larger with 2 kids and all the gadgets, toys and generally extra belongings that go with being married with 2 children it becomes a complete military operation that requires pin-point planning!

Combine that with being self employed, working on two new business projects, and having a key member of staff on long term sick, let’s just say I am ever so glad that it is over … or is it! I’d only forgotten to tell anybody that we were actually moving. The electricity company, the water, the gas, Sky, the bank, TV Licence, the DVLA, no-one knew we were moving.

Do you ever see something and wish you’d thought of it? Well I have, iammoving.com is quite simply a brilliantly simple idea and has saved me hours of time.  All I had to do is click on the organisations I want to notify about our move, fill in my account or reference details with that organisation, and then click Notify. Then depending on whether iammoving.com has an electronic agreement with the company or not it either sends my new address information to that company or creates a PDF for me to print out and put in the post. Best of all, so far it seems to be working!

What I really love about this idea though is not that it actually does save you time, or put everything in one place, but that it is such a simple no-brainer idea. The technology behind the website is extremely simple that any good web designer could knock it together in less than a week, it puts all the control on to the user so that the website actually does very little. The updates are sent to the organisations that are on board most likely by email so a simple email script. It is brilliant, so brilliant by its simplicity.

Let’s hope that more organisations sign up to be notified electronically by this website and then we can save time, costs, and the enviroment at the same time.