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Legislation has gone too far.

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Legislation has gone too far.

Now I do consider myself a very considerate employer. I don’t descriminate, I make allowances and where possible adapt within reasons to cater for the needs of my staff (ensuring they don’t take liberties). I have employed young and old, abled and less abled (not allowed to use the word disabled any more), and from many different ethnic origins.

What was the icing on the cake for me was when I received a bulletin from BusinessLink which highlighted the risk of legal action for using certain words in job vacancy advertisments. I feel I cannot contain myself any more, I’ve had it up to and beyond with jumped up overpaid pen pushing morons who do nothing more than try to justify their jobs to our “heads up their own backsides” Government by tarnishing all employers with the same brush and dreaming up different legislation to screw businesses.

If I want to employ a young dynamic person I can justify why I need that type of person for my business. If I want to employ an old experienced person then again I can justify why need that type of person for my business. Both young and old people all have very different and valuable qualities for business, and I as a business owner know, appreciate and respect that.

I don’t need some bureaucrat who has never run a business in their life, and who has no experience in real management, trying to tell me how to choose the right team for my business. I have a fantastic team who work for me, from all walks of life, all with very different strengths and weaknesses, and I need to be able to continue to make decisions to keep it that way.

Whatever next? A 16 year old school leaver managing a team of 300 factory line workers with very strong personalities because the bureacrats say the school leaver should be given a chance, and screw the productivity of the factory. Who will have to tidy the mess when the factory goes under? I bet the Government wont give a flying ….

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  1. Sep 26, 2007


    Nice rant Rich, I’m glad I’m not the only person who is sick of the PC namby pambys telling me how to think.

    You know you are still alive and thinking when you download their “Age Positive recruitment advertising test” and fail. 😉