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Do your customers like your service?

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Do your customers like your service?

Next week I’ll be sending out a customer satisfaction survey to all my customers asking them for some honest feedback about what they think of my firms services, in confidence. Were they happy with the pre-sales support, the shopping experience and the after sales care? Were they happy with the products they received, and would they use us again, and perhaps more importantly would they recommend us to someone else who we could help?

Your customers are your biggest assett, and yet it is the same old story that so many companies spend more money trying to win business from the customers they lose than looking after the customers they already have.

I have commissions a company called SurveyLab to run the survey for me, so that we keep it completely independant and are giving away a weekend away for two as a prize for doing the survey. In my opinion spending a few hundred pounds on a weekend holiday for two is money well spent to get plenty of feedback from our customers helping us improve our service, it is just disappointing more companies don’t do this.

Some thoughts for you, you’ve already done the hard work to win your customers over to you. Is it really that hard to look after them once you have them? All it takes is to ask them what they do and do not like, take the time to listen to what they say, and act on their feedback. After all, if you improve your business as a result you will not only lose less customers, but also find it much easier to win more for the future.