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Who needs a holiday?

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

Who needs a holiday?

Work Life BalanceIn about 18 hours I leave for Disneyland Paris with the family for a weeks holiday, and it has just dawned on me that this is going to be my first holiday in my working career where I have not worked whilst on holiday! It’s going to actually be a proper holiday, with no laptop, no checking in on the office, no carrying my mobile around with me all the time “just in case”. It’s actually going to be a proper work free holiday – and it scares me!

I know the office can run without me, I’ve been working away for 2-3 days at a time around the country and even abroad and when I’ve come back the office is still there and no urgent messages or issues needing my attention. I have a great team who know how to do their jobs well and I’ve invested time in them to do their jobs. I’ve also empowered them to make decisions and give them the freedom to make their own judgement calls. That, as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, you are meant to do so that you are free to strategically run your business.

However, that still doesn’t stop me feeling nervous and scared this time. This time it’s official, I’m going on a proper holiday away from work and I wont be checking in! The girls in the office reassured me when I left, go have a proper holiday it will be fine here, that’s what we’re here for! Heaven know’s I need it after this year, so once I meet Mickey and the gang I’m sure I’ll forget all about the office and enjoy my time with my family.

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  1. Aug 1, 2007

    Enjoy the holiday!