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Tycoon looses its slot, reality losing the plot?

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Tycoon looses its slot, reality losing the plot?

Peter Jones - TycoonIt had to happen and I’m not at all surprised, ITV have removed Tycoon from its prime time slot on Tuesday nights and moved it to 10pm on a Monday night (more here). Perhaps we are all getting fed up with all the naff reality TV shows which are filling the air waves at the moment? I remember Eamon Holmes saying once on GMTV, where will reality TV go next? 2 people in an airplane with no fuel and 1 parachute? I share his view, reality TV is getting out of hand and becoming nothing for than a farce. I enjoy watching Dragons Den, The Apprentice is also fun to watch, but anyone can see that these programs do not show real true Entrepreneurs or ground breaking business ideas (the odd exception noted). After all, a true successful Entrepreneur wont give up half their business for only a few grand in investment, nor would put themselves through the embarrasement of a TV show to get a job! As far as I am concerned an interview is a 2-way conversation.
Don’t get me wrong, appearing on Dragon’s Den should not be under valued, just think of the prime time exposure doing so can give your business and product, many Entrepreneur’s have done just that. Ling, owner of LingsCars did just that herself and I know she is doing very well from it…and she did not accept the dragon’s offer of investment. She has maximised her exposure with publicity and joining in debates about her appearance on many forums on the Internet (UKBF included).

Comments (3)

  1. Jun 28, 2007

    Reality TV, from my perspective looks like it has imploded.

    D.D. – axed the most interesting and proactive investor
    T.A. – quality of the wanabeeeees gets progressively worse each series, not even sure that A.S. even wants an apprentice – just cashing in on millions of pounds worth of free media exposure
    As for T. – where do those people come from?

    As for other V.R. shows… B.B. – is and has been for some time unwatchable

    The mass exodus of individuals with any interesting qualities, ideas or personalities is very telling, either that or the production companies need to have a cull.

  2. Jun 28, 2007

    It’s hardly a suprise is it, it’s by far the weakest business reality TV.

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