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An Entrepreneurs Ego!

The thoughts of Richard Osborne on many subjects over the years.

An Entrepreneurs Ego!

I was reading the blog of Dan Martin, the new Chairman and face of UKBF. He wrote quite an interesting article on celebrity entrepreneurs, and whether this celebrity stardom of many key Entrepreneurs is a good or a bad thing. The key example he mentions is Victoria Beckham, and what good does she have to offer to the business world, really?
I have been approached recently by someone asking if I wanted to be involved in a business venture that relies on a successful Entrepreneurs wish to be recognised and well known for their achievements. Then when I thought about it, he’s right. I looked around the lecture circuit, public speakers and various networking events, and various business books. I thought about blogging, why did I start a blog? Why do I give public talks? I thought about this even more when a new well known member joined UKBF, Chris Kaday. The previous Managing Director of Commodore, he runs his own blog, gives talks and mentors. I’ve lost count of how many autobiographies there are for Entrepreneurs.

I can’t help but realise that many successful Entrepreneurs do look for recognition for their achievements, and I have to be honest and include myself.
I titled this post as An Entrepreneurs Ego to raise the question, is this really all about their ego though or is it something deeper? This reminded me of a thread I replied to on another forum over 3 years ago, and this is basically what I believe. It is not about their ego, but in the majority of cases Entrepreneurs are driven to succeed because they want to better their lives from what they had before, and in doing so they look for the recognition for their achievements from those around them.
“Look at me now, I’ve proved you all wrong” – are they saying this to old school teacher? To family and friends, or are they saying it to themselves? Is it a wanting to prove to themselves that they can be a success, or is it a wanting to prove to others. I’m sure there are examples of both, but I would hazzard a guess that the majority want to prove to themselves.

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